We are made up of words

As I ponder this proverb, I realize to address this question I need to view words with a different lens, a different viewpoint. First, we experience words through our five senses, or sixth sense:  Josue words

  1. through sight~in what we see
  2. through hearing~as far as sounds and melody
  3. through touch~as we feel with our hands
  4. through smell~as in odor
  5. through taste~as in food
  6. and if you believe in the spirit world.

Second is what we call the realty of life that we live. This will include man-made structures and natural scenery and the air we breathe, communities, our families and friends, our pets, and so on.  When we look at words in this context we develop a picture of life within us.  This in turn gives us a sense of belonging and of being or of living.

Let’s take a human event. For example, you’re in your home washing dishing and all of a sudden you hear a child crying loudly. You run to the sound because that sound is your child. Instantly you know it is your child. Why? It could have been any other child.

Let’s take another example. You’re reading. It can be religious, or a love story, or Harry Potter. As you interact with the words you begin to understand the story, even maybe become part of the story because of the words. The words become you and you become the words in the story. This how we live our lives. We become the story because of the words.

Why do I continue talking about life and words and how that affects us—one, and only one, reason. It is because I want us to explore the possibility that the word is deeper than what we realize because we live in it. I want to give you a few references

  1. A) Genesis Ch. 1 (And God said)
  2. B) Genesis 2:7 into his nostrils the breath of life
  3. C) Leviticus 17:14 the life of every creature is its blood.
  4. D) John 1:1-2 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the word was God.
  5. E) John 1:14a. The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

I hope we are seeing the connection that we live in it.  Word is life, life is the Word we live in. That’s why as human beings it’s imported to understand the true Word. Even if you don’t believe, it still is.   Even your neighbor that may not believe in what you believe, if they would have heard the child crying out loud, they will come to its because they know that voice.

Words is what we are made of. It is our eyes and ears, our arms and feet of our souls.  It gives direction, stability, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, support, courage, faith and trust.   As we continue to live and interact with one another, remember that we are in the Word and the Word is our life, so read your Bibles and become among the living.

Contributed by Josué Gonzalez, percussionist, Tapestry leader, MA student at Luther Seminary, candidate for Diaconal Ministry

Josue on the farm