In a nutshell…

I’m not a pastora with an office. Okay. Well, yes. I do have an office. And someone was meeting there the other day, so I straightened it up so it doesn’t look like a messy storeroom anymore. So I should say I’m a pastora with an office who very rarely uses it.

People sometimes ask what it is I do. That’s an easy, and a challenging, question to answer.

Here was the weekend of November 18th-20th…in a nutshell…to help explain what it is I do, and what we do as Tapestry.

Friday, November 18, 2016

  • Attended a meeting with people from around the Twin Cities who have already lost their homes to gentrification (see earlier posts for our involvement with Crossroads in Richfield).
  • Went shopping at 2 stores for food for Sunday (more on that later)
  • Finished sermon and other details for Saturday (see below)
  • Sent/received many Messenger, phone texts, emails and phone calls about the weekend
  • Probably some other stuff I can’t remember

Saturday, November 19, 2016

  • Led a bilingual, ecumenical funeral for two youths from the Richfield community
    • Led with Carl, a Catholic Deacon and Police Chaplain with the City of Minneapolis Police Department
    • The Tapestry Band led music
    • House of Prayer Lutheran Church allowed us to use their space and helped organize and print bulletins
    • St. Stephen Lutheran Church supported us and the family by printing obituaries for the children
    • Many churches and our own Martha supported us by knitting Prayer Squares to share with children (and some adults) as a way to remember there are many people who love and support the children.
    • 20161026_153857

      Prayer Squares

  • Laid the children to rest
  • Attended the luncheon hosted by community members following the service
    • Asked by a family to baptize their children
    • Spoke with some children who have had some trouble expressing their feelings
  • Took a nap
  • Made certificates for Sunday evening
  • Wrote the sermon for Sunday–on forgiveness (the story of Jesus on the cross between to criminals from Luke 23

Sunday, November 20, 2016–In the Morning…

  • Edited the sermon for the morning
  • Preached and led music at two services with the Tapestry Band at Holy Nativity, one of our partner congregations
  • Led the Adult Forum to talk about Tapestry with their members


Sunday, November 20, 2016–In the Afternoon/Evening…

  • Met Martha at Oak Grove Lutheran, our home hosts, to start cooking for the Giving Thanks for the Community Meal that evening (she did most of the cooking…though I’m actually starting to learn a few cooking tips)!
  • Picked up a few items at the store for meal prep
  • Decorated the church basement
  • Reminded people on Facebook and by texts and e-mail about the Community Meal
  • Hosted a Giving Thanks for the Community Free Community Meal
    • Menu:
      • Turkey/Pavo (donated by Cross of Peace Lutheran Church) in mole
      • Rice/Arroz
      • Beans/Frijoles
      • Squash/Calabazas
      • Hot dogs
      • Arroz con leche & galletas/cookies
    • Tapestry Band played
    • Lots of people danced and sang
    • And ate. Of course people ate!
    • Gave certificates in recognition of people who have been volunteering in our community:
      • Community Organization: Delfina: Mujer Fuerte Rompiendo Cadenas
      • Crossroads (f0rmer residents): Linda, Myesha, Jurlene, Dorothy
      • Oak Grove: Scott
      • Tapestry folks: Jim, Evelia, Martha
  • Attended by many people from Tapestry, from our partner congregations, from Richfield (one family saw it on the Richfield Facebook page and came because they decided they need to get to know their neighbors and community better after the divisive elections), friends old and new from many different walks of life
  • Received a check for $6000 from our newest partner congregation: St. Barnabas Lutheran Church
  • Cleaned up


Sunday, November 20, 2016–Evening

  • Picked up a friend and her kids
  • Went to another friend’s birthday party
  • Went home and slept like a baby!

My days and weeks aren’t always this full, but this weekend encompasses so much of the work we do with Tapestry. It was full of sorrow and joy. It was full of love and compassion. It was full of hard work by many people. It was full of sharing the Gospel, the good news that God loves you and me so much that God sent God’s only Son to be born in a manger in a stable, as a refugee, among the meek and lowly, to live fully and walk among us, to feel all of the things we feel, to experience life and death, and to finally conquer death so that we might have forgiveness of sin and experience new life in Christ.

This is the comforting word of the promise of eternal life in Christ that we were blessed to share with the family and friends of two beloved young people taken too soon from among us. We rest assured in the promise of the Christchild we so eagerly await today.