Today I’ve got an earache and still a touch of laryngitis after a week (and months) of overdoing it! Since I didn’t take a Sabbath all by myself, my body said, “Take a rest. Stay at home. If you need to work, do it from home for a few days.” So, I’m taking some time at home, cuddling with my kitties, and finally, finally, updating our Tapestry Web Page and my blog! It’s been almost a year already, for goodness sake!

Uncharacteristically, this won’t be a long blog. It’s a time to give thanks. And though this should probably be the longest post of all, for the time being I’ll make it short, sweet and to the point!

Pictures of World Communion Day/Dia de la Comunion Mundial from October 2nd, our first Sunday at our new church host home: Oak Grove Lutheran, 7045 Lyndale Ave So.
We have started weekly worship at 5:00 p.m. followed by potluck. Join us!
You are welcome just as you are! Estas bienvenid@ tal como eres!

Last year at this time, we were a struggling mission development as far as partnerships. A year later we are blessed with congregations and others who have decided to walk alongside us in ministry! Just yesterday, a pastor called me to let me know they are visiting us later this month with a check for $6000 and an offer to be in partnership with us! Before we got off the phone, the pastor told me, “Keep up the good work! Don’t be discouraged.”

And because of all of the congregations who have decided over the past year to partner with us, we are much more financially stable, which means we are much more able to do the mission and ministry in our neighborhoods and in our churches that we are called and sent to do! More important than the financial piece, though, is the overwhelming sense of being church, God’s people, together!

First and foremost, I want to thank all of the people of Tapestry who have been with us long-term now and helped develop this ministry: Amanda, Deb, all of the Davids, Evelia, Jim, Joanna, Johaisy, Josué, Julie, Luis, Martha y su familia, Michael, Mom, Myesha, Roderick, Ruben, Scott, Sophia, Tammy, Tom, and anyone else I may have missed! I look forward to how our ministry will now be shaped by new people joining us in this good and hard work!

And I praise God for those congregations that have chosen to support us in many different ways this year! It is, truly, being church together that we participate in building the kingdom!

I give thanks to the people and pastors of Oak Grove for opening their doors to us and showing us a gracious invitation and such lovely hospitality! We thank Shepherd of the Hills for the myriad ways they have supported us throughout the year! And we thank St. Stephen for ongoing support through fundraisers, finances and dreaming! I’ll write more about this soon!

We give thanks for our partner congregations and those congregations who have chosen to support Tapestry through a 3-year partnership! We have been so blessed by these communities in many different ways, including leading worship in many of these churches, where we teach and learn!

We give thanks for those congregations, along with many already listed, who have chosen to support Tapestry with gifts through foundations and offerings.

Finally, we give thanks to congregations, the synod, and others that have invited us to lead worship or supported us in other ways!

Well, my post ended up being a lot longer than I anticipated, and my gratitude is much deeper than anticipated, too! As often happens with these kinds of lists, I may have forgotten someone I should thank. Please let me know if I’ve overlooked you!

Muchas gracias a todas estas iglesias y gente por sus oraciones, su apoyo espiritual y financiero y por andar con nosotr@s!

Paz. Pastora Melissa

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