Otro dia en el vecindario

NeighborhoodOnce again we were greeted with a bright and sunny day yesterday, so we decided to go hang out in the neighborhood again. No cookies this time, just juice. People are getting to know us now. We keep running into one young woman almost every time we go over to hang out. We talked to another woman who we hadn’t met, but who had seen us from her apartment. We waved to a gentleman we met last week who was sitting across the large community space. And, someone came over to Woodlake and said they had seen us out in the community!

We always end up talking to people from a variety of race and backgrounds. We talk to people who were born here in Minnesota and those from far away. We speak in English and Spanish. We would be speaking other languages, too, if we knew them. We learn what people like about this community and what they would like to be different. We learned that some people watch other people’s kids because the kids should always be protected. One woman likes to know not only the kids, but their parents, too, so she can talk to them about the kids. Some kids are watched diligently and others play a lot on their own. They’re still in school around here so we haven’t run into them too much yet~but we will!

We met a young Mexican man who doesn’t go to church. He says he’s looked around but he works a lot Sunday mornings, well, every day, actually, and so it can be hard for him to go to church. But he was pretty interested in what we’re doing and how we worship. He seemed to be interested, too, in another type of community. Many immigrants, and people in general, find themselves alone far too often and are hungry for a community. I think they’re hungry for Jesus, too.

So far we’ve gone out pretty much empty-handed, just to say hello to people and meet them and hear what they have to say. And they are asking about us. I think it’s time for us to start carrying something with us that invites them to worship with us, or that invites them to eat with us as Loaves & Fishes (http://www.loavesandfishesmn.org/woodlake.html) starts serving weekend meals.

I am finding out that it is fun to be out in the community. We are meeting people we would never have met. We are starting to be recognized and welcomed into a new community ourselves. I wonder what it would be like to just randomly worship at community sites like this if we were allowed. Hmm…

Peace. Paz.

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